A Design That Should Be Ruled Offside

There are now in circulation 29 different designs to commemorate the 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games in London. But only one of those designs has made all the headlines in the last couple of days.

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More 3D Mapping Projections: Sony PlayStation

As I mentioned on my last post, we’ve seen 3D mapping projections as part of great public events using different kinds of buildings to display images promoting a brand, a content or a product. In this occasion, Sony uses the technology within a studio to create an outstanding short film promoting the Video Section of their Playstation Store. The results are beautiful. Moreover, the film is a step forward in the use of 3D Mapping techniques as a promotional/advertising tool. Check it out!

Nokia and Deadmau5 Join Forces for Another Amazing 3D Mapping Spectacle

Photo via mynokiablog.com

Last night London witnessed an impressive 3D Mapping Projection on the Millbank Tower accompanied by the upbeat music of Deadmau5. A free performance brought by Nokia to promote their brand new and quite anticipated Lumia smartphone.

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Does it really run Flash?

BlackBerry's Playbook TV commercial: "it runs Flash!"

News this week about Adobe shutting the development of Flash Player for mobile devices shouldn’t come as a surprise. Adobe has consistently failed to provide a stable version of the multimedia plug-in software for mobile browser and as consequence, has failed in their efforts to impose the protocol as a standard in smartphones and tablets. Read More…

Smile Kirsten Dunst, You’re on Camera

This is no amateur video or b-roll shooting featuring Kirsten Dunst. This is R.E.M.’s music video for ‘We All Go Back To Where We Belong’, their last single as a band. Chances are that you’re going to start smiling –you can even burst into laughter- when you watch it. It’s difficult not to, having such a famous face in front of a camera and in such a candid pose. A similar video features poet John Giorno in a more composed attitude, and as a difference it results kind of creepy to watch him stare for the space three-and-a-half minutes.
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Two Worlds: When Artistic and Commercial Visions Match to Perfection

Yes, it is true that Sony has lost its edge. The Japanese company is no longer the TV set leader; the PS3 is struggling to regain a predominance lost to the Wii and the Xbox Kinect; and the Walkman is now out of the market –yes, it is also true that the Walkman has had years out of the market. But one thing we can’t deny is that Sony has brought us some of the most memorable and beautifully crafted commercials for electronic products in recent years.

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Steve Jobs Was Not a God. And Never Pretended To Be One

Image via www.apple.com

I must confess it. I was quite disturbed when I first heard about Steve Jobs’ passing. I was lying in bed trying to wake up when my girlfriend read the news on Twitter. We went to bed early on the 5thand by the moment Janet was reading me the headlines the news was everywhere, literally.I couldn’t believe my eyes when I turned up my computer and realised that the whole world was in commotion by Jobs’ death. 5 out of the 10 Twitter trending topics in London were somehow related to the news; people status updates and profile pictures on Facebook were portraying products, phrases and reflections on Apple’s co-founder work and achievements; and news portals from all over the world were commenting on Jobs, Apple and even their competitors.

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